Small Businesses

You’ve worked hard to build your business and it’s probably, in some respects, as valuable to you as your family. And yet each year small businesses are the target of intruders, arsonists and even theft from their own staff.

In such situations, many business owners expect their insurance policies to aid their business recovery. In reality, few assess the long-term cost of the delay a break-in or fire causes – for example the possible loss of customers (whose orders get delayed) and the cost of staff attrition (staff morale and their sense of security always dips after a major break in).

Security that grows with your business

As burglars become more sophisticated, so too does the technology to deter them. Businesses also rarely remain static. As they grow, they take on new people, equipment and stock which may not be so well protected by old security arrangements. So periodically review the measures you have in place to protect your people, buildings and contents. There have been some great technological developments and these include radio (wireless) equipment, remotely monitored CCTV systems, DNA marking, biometric fingerprint reading and other ID measures

Standing by you

We’ve helped thousands of small businesses over the years to put in place security measures that protect staff, property and stock from intruders and give immediate detection of fire. We’ve also come to specialise in solutions that protect small businesses of all shapes and sizes and from all business sectors – including retailers, offices and manufacturing.

Not wedded to any specific manufacturer, we invest time to survey the security and fire detection weakspots in your business and find the right solution that will create the protection you want. We are highly experienced in creating security solutions for all types and ages of property – from the modern and contemporary premises through to listed and heritage properties.

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